Woman who filmed the lawyer The actions Aaron Schlossberg's shooting The true story behind the viral video


Emily Serrano filmed NYC lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, while he was engaged in a racist tirade against herself and a worker who spoke Spanish.

Her video went viral and she broke down what we did not see, and the lawsuit brought against the infamous attorney.


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32 thoughts on “Woman who filmed the lawyer The actions Aaron Schlossberg's shooting The true story behind the viral video”

  1. Racism happens everywhere .. I work for a major airlines in customer service and every time passengers don’t get what they want they try to put you down using your accent or your race… it’s about time the laws change and people stop abusing their “white privileged “

  2. Schlossberg: "YOU SPEAK ENGLISH! I FEEL DISRESPECTED!". Just like the typical conservative snowflake that loves to whine about how "PC everything is and how easily offended everyone is nowadays.". Yet, here he is getting offended and whining over his version of political correctness.

  3. He not getting no time and if he do he getting 1 and getting out in 5 foh idc about nun of this.this is nothing to people who are getting shut in the Street for no reasons other then being black

  4. I’m glad that she came on bc it shows that it doesn’t matter if ur born here, all Latin are still looked at the same. I understand people reppin their country of origin, but I just hate when we hate on each other

  5. I love everything that lawyer said, it's so 100% true I see it all the time especially with white American male complaining that they are being discriminated against only because they see the people they deem as inferior (esp Black people) are getting equal rights

  6. Forget the racism and xenophobia for a second. Schlossberg claims to be fluent in Spanish and offers Spanish speaking services at his firm. He speaks it at his job but he's mad that other people speak it at their jobs. He's a major hypocrite.

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