Xbox Maverick: all leaks of digital publishing confirm the possible launch

This should not be a major surprise since I had written about it in November, but Microsoft is about to release a digital-only edition of the Xbox One console. Earlier in the day, images of the Xbox One S were released. device have filtered and confirm the previously reported information. has found the images and confirms all that I have reported so far. He arrives on May 7th. It does not have a disk drive. a little more than I expected, but that probably includes taxes.

In the United States, I would expect the console to cost a little less than the European price once converted, this price suggesting a price of $ 259 in the United States. It's too high as an Xbox One S package is $ 248 currently.

Since the images of the device now appear online, the official announcement should not be too far away. Microsoft is hosting an Inside Xbox event on April 16th and it is perhaps here that the company announces the new hardware.

What we have not heard about yet is the Microsoft digital disc program named Odessa. It's the ability to take games on disk and swap them for a token to download the digital version of the game.

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