xQc reacts to the 100 most viral videos | With cat

xQc watch the 100 best viral videos on the Internet with the cat!

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  1. the haHAA emote is so cancer

  2. That dog on the bed is xqc when he pops off as winston

  3. 22:26 I was there. I didn’t even know there was a video until this year

  4. New drinking game:
    Every time XQC says "retard"
    Take a shot

    Wasted in 3 minutes

  5. He makes fun of a moms new car that her son got her? What a a prick :/

  6. Xqc is by far the most retarded steamer.

  7. XQC is totally right about the Karate thing. I was in it for the longest time and I never learned how to actually fight.

  8. A dog isn’t supposed to be useful, kids don’t do shit but cost you money but we still have them.

  9. Lol watching buildings get destroyed is a problem but playing video games all day isn’t

  10. Fuck xQc he says dogs are fucking useless

  11. that wasn’t even karateLOL it was itf taekwondo

  12. I hope this guy dies in a hole with one drop of water and a fucking McDonald’s Kids Meal

  13. On the 4th video xQc and moxy were actually fucking racist.

  14. does this moron not understand valet drivers rarely get to drive lambos depending on where they work

  15. Why everyone saying he is a ricer at 16:54?

  16. lul someone wrote dreamkasper on that ‘poked my heart’ one dud

  17. 33:54 aer u telling me that 1 person every 3000 gets striked in their life?!

  18. Idk who this guy is I randomly came across this video. And all I have to say is that he is literally retarded. He thought a donkey was a dog and thinks all lambo owners are dumb and he doesn’t know what a spoiler is on a wrx. All I’m asking if he is retarded bc I seriously don’t know and I’m not just saying that I’m seriously asking???

  19. he makes fun of the car the kid bought for his mom? it was her dream car. thats like making fun of someone's engagement ring.

  20. Just go outside for once or go back to school

  21. Why am i hating this dude so much? I know why, hes a useless fuck

  22. Yes definitely the seagulls not at all the sea hawks

  23. Clip 57 “ 7 sines your dog ate chocolate “

  24. He said French Bulldogs are stupid and useless and then literally says he wants a husky like what do u mean bud

  25. Is that a dog and it’s a fucking alpaca

  26. Wow 4 ads on a video that took you 5 minutes to download and make a thumbnail

  27. 61 lol that kata is for blue belts. I know 'cuz I do karate.

  28. U’re so… fuckng… stupid…. when U…. drive… ???

  29. It’s funny but he’s so stupid

  30. Why is xqc so stupid and oblivious to the world, he called a koala a bear. WTF

  31. Never seen this many fake reactions in one video. #doingitforthemoney

  32. Dude XQ is fucking retarded like he has the brain of a 2 year old he doesn’t know that a fucking lama isn’t a dog and sword face isn’t a shark