xQc reacts to TOP viral videos of 2017

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  1. He is laughing at their laugh when his is terrible and says they are killing the pelican when he has fishing line around his beak man this guy must have skipped all of school

  2. This guy is so fucking annoying

  3. He's fucking IQ is so low

  4. Dude there like 10 dude there 11 bruh they are toddlers there literally in fucking cribs whadda u meeeeeeen

  5. Why does xqc remind me so much of Brian Deckard (Connor the android sent by Cyberlife) also I think that I might have spelt Deckard wrong…

  6. The chat always kills me XDDDD

  7. xqc should just watch efukt on stream

  8. omg normaly like xqc but serious he is so fucking stupid

  9. Honestly it is aids to my ears hearing what he says

  10. Bro this vid fuckin 23:00 they are like 6 or 5 bro

  11. 4 y/o girl says weed couse she does not know better and hes calling her retarded? fucking moron 15:05

  12. petition to remove haHAA from everything

  13. why is this guy the most retarded adult I have ever seen?

  14. Soda has no reaction, greek just sit there infuriatingly not understanding anything, I finally found someone worth watching!

  15. 8:03 he's back from the military so of course they're going to freak out. Fucking retard kappa

  16. was there really worms in the guys foot and how did they get there

  17. I don’t know who this guy is but I can tell that he is a prick

  18. this guy is the most dull person i have ever seen

  19. Bruh this guy emotionless af wtf he dead. Not fun to watch

  20. How is he so fucking clueless about everything..

  21. 19:05 damn hippies, shouldn't allowed to fly

  22. Dude why I put chat on screen. Takes like 1/4 of the screen

  23. does anyone have a problem understanding what he says

  24. Did anyone else notice he was a little harsh about what was going on? He was being super retarded too…

  25. chat is filled with lolicon's smh

  26. Really did he think they were 11 they kids were 6 bro and 11 year old would be taller than the drawer and they would be having all dem stuffed toys

  27. 22:42 how tf is that 11 you blind man XD