Your hamburgers are not made of human flesh, says the coroner after the Dairy Queen raid


No, Dairy Queen does not serve burgers made from human flesh, said a coroner after a series of federal raids in three counties in South Carolina that gave rise to strange rumors.

According to


A Dairy Queen in Greenwood, South Carolina, was one of three places attacked by federal agents last week.

Citing the director of the Dairy Queen site that was raided, Saif Momin, the

Index-Journal reported

Momin said that he had been informed by an inspector general that someone had filed a complaint for "human meat lying inside a hamburger".

Following the quote from Momin, the rumor began to work, forcing a county coroner to say that Dairy Queen did not sell hamburgers made from people.

"I promise you that nothing like this has ever been asked of me," said Greenwood County Coroner Sonny Cox.

says the Index-Journal.

"I have never suspected anything like this, I can honestly say it's the first time I've heard about it, and it does not seem to me at all." there is no chance, nor any happening. "

The company has also denied the rumors on Twitter.

"At DAIRY QUEEN, we are very proud of our 100% beef burgers," said the restaurant chain. "We serve a high quality hamburger without additives or fillers."

It turned out that the raid had nothing to do with Dairy Queen or its alleged use of human flesh in hamburgers. Federal authorities accuse two men of running a money transfer business without a license.

Money laundering is illegal. But at the very least, no human hamburger is served to guests of the Dairy Queen in South Carolina.

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