YouTube takes a big step forward against pedophiles



YouTube announced on Thursday that it would remove comments on nearly all children's videos, potentially affecting millions of posts on the site, after reports that pedophiles would leave inappropriate comments on innocuous videos of children. # 39; children last week. The change comes as YouTube attacks with moderate content across its platform as concerns about hate speech, violence and conspiracy theories continue to plague it, according to the report. ; AP. It will take several months for YouTube to disable comments on all videos featuring minors, the company said. The process had already begun last week by disabling comments from tens of millions of videos.

Advertisers such as Nestle, AT & T and Fortnite publisher Epic Games pulled YouTube ads last week after inappropriate comments about the kids were discovered by a popular YouTuber publication and media. At least one company, Nestle, is satisfied with YouTube's response and has reinstated ads late last week. A small number of channels featuring videos featuring children will be allowed to leave comments turned on. But they must be known to YouTube and actively monitor comments beyond the standard control tools provided by YouTube. Disabling comments on so many videos seems like an "extreme reaction," says Paul Verna, an analyst at eMarketer. But the problem is the safety of children. So it makes sense that YouTube wants to act quickly, he says.

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