This is what Jordyn Woods would have said about Tristan Thompson in his interview with Red Table Talk


  • Jordyn Woods must appear in an interview to explain what really happened with Tristan Thompson.
  • According to reports, Jordyn will return to what she has already said about her "drunkenness" when that happened.

    The day we were all waiting for finally arrived. Later in the day, Jordyn Woods will finally clarify things about Tristan Thompson's cheating business.

    Jordyn announced last week that she would be participating in an interview with Red Table Talk with her boyfriends Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith on their Facebook Watch series.

    Until we look at the interview, we can not know for sure what Jordyn, 21, has to say, but according to information she is coming back to something she already has says: that she blames alcoholic beverages for what happened.

    according to TMZ, she admits in the interview that she was not "stuffed drunk" when she formed a relationship with Tristan, and that she takes full responsibility for what happened, even though she said to have already been at Tristan, 27, to make sure that no woman remained.

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    Although this report implies that she uses this interview to apologize to Khloe Kardashian and the rest of the family, said one source We weekly that she thought that all this would only "blow", so that she could finally continue her life, and she would not be sorry otherwise.

    "If it was not news, Jordyn would not apologize," said the source. "Jordyn assumed the situation was going to crumble." Apparently, his concern was "high" after the "public outcry".


    In case you are not fully aware of the agreement with Khloe, Tristan and Jordyn, here's a quick reminder: TMZ announced last week that Tristan and Jordyn were "one on the other" at a party at home. Khloe would have discovered it last Monday and would have immediately broken up with him.

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    Tristan and Jordyn were hanging out with Drake "and his crew" on Saturday. according to E!they were "definitely hooked to each other and were very flirty. Tristan had her arms around her at one point.

    And while the night was going on, "Jordyn was at his side the whole time they were outside and he was laughing and smiling at him." Things then "quickly escalated" between them, apparently, Tristan inviting their friends and Jordyn to come back at his place for a "secret evening".

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