Zuckles banned from OTV Rust server after Metagaming xQc


Zuckles follows in Zer Winter’s footsteps to get banned from the OfflineTV Rust server after compelling evidence proves he has metagamed xQc to gain the upper hand.

Metagaming involves a player using real resources to gain an unfair advantage in a game, and that’s exactly what Zuckles is doomed. The seriousness of the matter far exceeded standard claims after a lot of evidence surfaced to prove that he is guilty. Zuckles himself admitted his mistake and fully agreed with OfflineTV banning him from the server.

“Alright, I’m gonna try to get him kicked off that f ** king server,” “F ** k it. Come on right after. How’s that fun? I’m done, man. It’s just the kill. I have to be honest. It’s just a little sad, “said a frustrated xQc after failing to kill Zuckles.

Zuckles’ cat gave him preemptive information about an incoming raid by xQc. This information he got from his fans helped him prepare a counterattack in advance that allowed him to fend off the threat in xQc. He can’t help if his cat gives unfair information, but what he can do is keep his integrity and ignore anyone who gives plans to other streamers and not thank them for it.

Instead of ignoring, Zuckles used his chat to gain the upper hand against xQc and now he has to part ways with the OfflineTV Rust server. Not just some of his fans, but the entire gaming community sees this as a breach of integrity. This only adds to the drama around Server Rust as things continue to go south for them.

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