10 epic viral marketing videos


Some companies seem to have mastered the art of creating viral marketing campaigns. Who says you can not plan to be viral?
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Although these videos may appear to be average viral videos, all of these videos were brilliant marketing plans that moved the Internet and brought a touch of notoriety to the companies that produced them. In some cases, the results were EPIC!
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WestJet – Miracle Christmas: Giving in real time
GoldieBox – Princess Machine
Coca Cola – Bringing India and Pakistan together
Contrex – My Counterexperience – 97s
Carrie The Movie – Telekinetic Cafe Surprise
LG – So real that it's scary
Red Bull Stratos – The Felix Baumgartner jump
Volvo Trucks – The epic separation with Jean Claude Van Damme
Pepsi MAx – Test Drive
Jimmy Kimmel Live – The worst Twerk ever fails – The girl catches fire!
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25 thoughts on “10 epic viral marketing videos”

  1. Can viral video marketing campaigns be engineered? This has been an ongoing debate
    for years. I believe that there are fundamental elements that you can implement
    that can increase the chances of your videos going viral, but I’m not certain
    if you can guarantee that it will. However, there are some that are able to hit
    more viral home runs than others. I think that we all should model the winning
    elements of viral videos without copying them, as that would simply make your
    videos “Me Too” in nature. I think that more of us should trust our creativity
    and mix in solid viral marketing fundamentals, because you never know if it
    will go viral. What a great compilation of viral videos. They give the rest of
    us something to strive for, Bravo!

  2. Indeed video is the future of marketing. As a good video catches the attention of a viewer way better than any other media alone. And internet is the number one medium to spread it.

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