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  1. This video is old and has been redone! The revised video includes better drawings, improved audio, and a little bit more detail in some portions. However, the new version is even shorter than this one! Hope you enjoy: https://youtu.be/8FqlTslU22s P.S. We're constantly trying to improve our work. Check out our milestones: https://www.amoebasisters.com/milestones

  2. Nuclear Polyhedrosis virus that goes after insects

  3. Seeing as this YouTube comments section is not nearly toxic enough I’ll help with that.
    Your videos trash stop making videos.
    There toxic levels normal now keep making vids mates

  4. When you forgot to studie for your science test so you have to quick binge amoeba sisters videos

  5. i think the music is from super mario bros 2

  6. Can someone tell me…….
    Which part of animal virus is not reproduce in multiple copies
    1) envelope
    2) protein
    3) capsid
    4) ribosome

  7. 2:38 it reminded me of a book sires

  8. Um rico resumo, em poucos minutos!!?

  9. It is me or does the jingle at the beginning while the text "viruses" was on screen sound a LOT like the beginning of the overworld music for the US version of Super Mario Bros. 2?

  10. You are amazing and funny
    Explanation is so good

  11. I've heard that it's a pretty heated debate in the life sciences as to whether or not a virus constitutes as a life.

  12. So is HIV/AIDS a lysogenic cycle virus, even though HIV attacks helped T cells, not bacteria?

  13. You are really gorgeous.. Thank you so much for this helpful video .. every time when i feel something hard and i didn’t understand it ,your videos make it easy and funny ??

  14. Cold is extremely common ?? bhrup?? i m in love with ur vedios

  15. Great video! Good visual for understand the two cycles! Thank you!!!!!

  16. thank you sooooooooooooooooo much I'm waiting for virus updated video but this is really good thx 😀 😀 😀 😀 : )
    P.S I am doing a class on viruses and that will help thx again

  17. This is partly incorrect- even though they can't reproduce viruses are classified as living things- they have biological matter that is not found in non-living things. (Proteins, DNA, and RNA are not possessed by non-living matter. Everywhere these things exist they will be traced back to a life form of some kind or another.)

    The fact that something can't reproduce on its own doesn't mean its not alive (contrary to the bogus science their teaching these days.) – that would be saying that If I get my dog fixed at the vet, all of a sudden its not "alive" anymore, since after all, if the surgery went well, she wouldn't be able to reproduce on her own anymore.

    Further, the replication isn't as simple as this- otherwise, we wouldn't be able to recover from the cold or flu at all. This forgets to mention those all-important things called phagocytes, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, etc. That go after viruses. That, and we also have drugs called antivirals. One of them is Tamaflu.

  18. I'm only watching this because I'm at school I would enter auctly want to watch this video if I wasent forced to but you are pretty smart and this video is well made and these videos are really good and now i watch your videos at home keep up the good work!!! ????

  19. what happens if the Cell does notice the virus as it gets attached?

  20. 3:00 Did i leave the oven on? DERP MAKING VIRUSES TODAY? OKAY!

  21. Would like to just say thanks for the videos, I'm doing my GCSE's and these videos are really helping me go from a poor scientist to an improving one. Thanks!

  22. thnx for this amazing video, really helps <3

  23. I really don't like what the virus looks like. Reminds me of a spider. eghhghg shiver

    Otherwise, this is a really well done video. Nice!