10 hot criminals who went viral


The 10 biggest criminals who went viral
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The description:
Charlie from the top 10 counts down the top 10 criminals who fired! We have seen children who have gone to jail and the most dangerous prison prisoners in the world, but now it's time for some very attractive men and women who have been sent to jail and have become viral for their snapshots and photos. audience room!

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49 thoughts on “10 hot criminals who went viral”

  1. Rapists get only a few years in prison. Even murderers sometimes get less than 10 yrs.
    But when a teacher has sex with a bunch of young men who most likely were never forced – 22 years

  2. Stephanie Beaudoin is one of THE most beautiful women I've ever layed eyes on! Holy shit is she Sexy! From her Sexy eyes, to her Curvy ass body and Gorgeous smile… Fuck she's attractive! And even more so bcuz I'm sure we relate with each other just from the story and pics I saw… If ur reading this Stephanie, Get @ me Girl!!!

  3. So all these mugshots went viral huh. I cant tell. Only seen or heard of 2 of them , as for the lady that got 22 years ….wow. Why didnt they allow the "victim" to tell their story about how Violated & traumatized they were what she did to them . I think They should decide her fate.

  4. Just a comment – regarding the first case mentioned – in the U.S., the age of consent varies between 16 and 18. It depends on in which states one resides (or where the "crime" takes place). Some states will make an exception for someone if they are having consensual sex and are close in age. Like, if two teenagers get together. But some do not make an exception. I have a good friend who, at age 17, was convicted of statutory rape of his 15 year old girlfriend. He is a permanently registered sexual offender now due to the conviction.

  5. 22 years for having relationship with 17yrs old? People get less jail time when they murdered someone! 17yrs old is big enough to understand what does sex mean! it's a year from being 18 yrs old (adult – not sure what age you become "adult" in U.S.) but here in UK and back in my home country Poland is 18. I actually had some fantasies about sleeping with some of my teachers! I just don't understand why 22 years in prison? Guys got laid and she goes to jail? This "justice" more like injustice system is broken!

  6. Isn't it sad that people who have done crimes become famous purely because of their looks. I am sure the victims of those crimes would not be singing their praises. Now days all people care about are looks…what about the substance of a persons character?

  7. 6 years, serving only half of that for someone who probably destroyed hundreds if not thousands of lives trafficking drugs and 22 years for a teacher that had sex with 3 17 years old teens that 8n m opinion where capable of deciding otherwise but probably didn’t because it would be “cool” to be sleeping with the hot teacher
    Something is wrong

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