1,074 cases of influenza reported in Mobile County


MOBILE COUNTY, Alaska (WKRG) – The County of Mobile County Health Department reported that there were 1,074 cases of influenza in Mobile County. The following is a press release from MCHD:

The Division of Infectious Diseases and Epidemics (ID & O) of Mobile County's Department of Health announced that 1,074 cases had been reported in Mobile County as a result of reports received for visits to our local hospitals and at MCHD, where a rapid flu test was performed. However, at the same time last year, the number of cases was almost double what is reported today. That's almost 300 more cases than the previous report. However, Barbara Gibbs, RN, MP, Nurse in charge of ID & O, said the numbers vary from week to week and depend on timely notification of all local areas. This caused a larger increase. Mobile County remains the region least affected by the flu-like illness in Alabama. According to the latest information from the Alabama Public Health Department, Mobile County is the only region that does not appear in the list of "districts in which significant influenza activity is detected". Ms. Gibbs pointed out that, according to the weekly report on morbidity and mortality published by the Centers for Disease Control. & Prevention, early estimates of vaccine efficacy show that the 2018-2019 seasonal influenza flu vaccine has halved the risk of getting sick and having to see a doctor. Estimates were particularly good for vaccinated children, more than 60%. Laboratories of the United States World Health Organization and the National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System contribute to the virological surveillance of influenza. From September 30, 2018 to February 2, 2019, clinical laboratories tested 536,301 influenza virus samples. Of these, 54,381 (10.1%) were positive, of which 52,028 (95.7%) were for influenza A and 2,353 (4.3%) for influenza B. Influenza vaccination remains the most effective way to prevent influenza. Influenza antivirals are an important adjunct to vaccination in the treatment and prevention of influenza. All MCHD Family Health facilities offer the vaccine. Our 251 North Bayou Emergency Care Facility, located at Major William C. Gorgas' Health Center in downtown Mobile, will also provide flu shots at 7:30 pm. 9:30 pm on weekdays and 8 am to noon on Saturdays. For a map of places, please visit http://FamilyHealthAlabama.org. If a patient has a scheduled medical visit, the influenza vaccine will be included in their visit and there will be no additional fees to receive the influenza vaccine during this visit. Patients who do not visit the family health care provider the same day at the clinic will pay a nominal administration fee for the influenza vaccine based on their poverty scale: $ 15 for A and B levels $ 16 for levels C and D; $ 17 for level E; and $ 18 for F and G levels. Most insurance plans do not incur any expense.

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