4 DIY Slime Ideas Easy! How to make VIRAL SLIMES!

Slime! 4 DIY Slime Ideas Easy! How to make viral broths! How to do Slime! DIY jar recipes! The best recipes of Slime! Butter Slime Popcorn Slime Crisp Slime Fluffy Slime!

Hello everyone! For today 's video, I thought it would be so much fun to do 4 FUN DIY SLIMES! I will teach you how to make Instagram Instagram VIRAL SLIMES great! Today, we are going to do DIY Glitter Slime, DIY Butter Slime, Slime DIY Butter Slime, DIY Slime Fishbowl, DIY Popcorn Slime, DIY Crunch Slime! All these slimes are perfect to do if you are bored! These are simple and easy DIY Slimes without Borax! Thank you very much for watching!

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  1. Which slime was your favourite?? Thank you so much for watching, love you! Gillian xx

  2. When u put the clay in the slime u need to put a little lotion in the clay

  3. Roses are red violets are blue I want to make slime but i have no glue

  4. I lol love you!!! In one if your videos can I get a shout out?!!!!!!!!! #best slime maker ever!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. I love glitter so much, can you please make a 1 ingredient slime

  9. My favorite slime is the butter slime but Is there A way to make butter slime with two ingredients

  10. I really love your videos and I am a big fan

  11. Pop corn slime was all time the best

  12. My Favorite slime was all the butter slimes that were mixed together!!!

  13. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I love u,
    Do u love me too?

  14. Hey Gilian, where do you liv e or what city?

  15. The only prob with your vids is that they use contact solution and I don’t have it ???????????

  16. When she was playing with the Slime her hands were literally turning red

  17. I love your slimes you are the best Youtube ever I love your videos

  18. The butterflys are flying
    some kids are lying
    The slime is funny
    Gillian looks like a bunny

  19. My favourite was the butter slime

  20. make cloud slime plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  21. I subscribed!!!!
    Can you please try making slime without contact solution please

  22. Can I just ask why the intro is always like 2 minutes long.

  23. Roses are red valets are blue I want to make slime,but I have no glue. I love watching your channel. Bye.Love you.

  24. I think my favorite slime was the butter slime and the popcorn.

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