Viral load and surveillance


Viral load refers to the amount of HIV in your blood. Knowing your viral load can help your doctor monitor your illness and provide you with treatment schedules. This animation describes how the viral load is measured by your doctor and clinic, and what a high or low viral load can mean over time with regards to the reproduction and treatment of the virus.



2 thoughts on “Viral load and surveillance”

  1. I've a question. What if a HIV 'positive' person gets tested by using the 4th generation test and the test results show a 'negative' result. Could this happen due to the inability of the 4th generation test to detect the antibodies + antigens due to the person's low viral load? In other words, what I'm asking is, if a HIV 'positive' person has a low viral load, is it possible that it escapes detection by the 4th generation test?

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