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Czech Finance Minister Alena Schillerova said on Sunday she had warned the central bank against a sharp hike in interest rates, prompting a swift response from the bank’s governor, who said further increases were required. The Czech National Bank is one of the first in the European Union to start tightening monetary policy amid high inflationary pressures.

Czechs traveled abroad this summer more than last year and more than 750,000 vacationed in Croatia, almost as many as before the coronavirus pandemic, which made the country the most popular Czech holiday destination. popular.

Thousands of people in the Czech Republic will be able to receive a third round of Covid-19 vaccination from next week, as it has now been at least eight months since their initial inoculation was completed. Up to 40,000 people will be notified of the possibility of a recall by the end of September.


Thousands of people, including soldiers and diplomats, marched peacefully through Kiev on Sunday in an annual gay pride parade. Homophobia is widespread in Ukraine, according to a survey by the sociological group “Rating” published in August, which indicated that 47% of those questioned had a negative view of the LGBTQ + community.

The Netherlands will require proof of a Covid-19 vaccination or a recent negative coronavirus test for entry to bars, restaurants, museums, theaters and other cultural events from September 25. “We are still in a dangerous situation. Failure to do so would entail great risk, ”Prime Minister Mark Rutte said.

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