A dog shot by St. Louis County Animal Control did not have rabies

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Missouri – Missouri health officials confirmed Tuesday that a dog had been rescued more than a week ago and euthanized after biting a veterinary technician had not the rage.

A postal worker discovered on February 8 that a dog had collapsed in an alley between two houses in the city of St. Louis and had contacted Stray Rescue.

Stray Rescue took the dog and took her to a St. Louis County clinic called Veterinary Specialty Services.

The dog, named "Faust", had shown signs of improvement but had bitten a veterinary technician, breaking his skin. She was euthanized within six hours of being rescued by St. Louis County Animal Control.

Faust could not lift herself, she was unable to walk, she was rocking and had inappropriate neurological responses to stimuli – all signs that she could have caught rabies.

The Missouri Department of Health and Seniors received the brain and spine of Faust on February 14th. The remains were tested the same day and came back negative for rabies.

Stray Rescue did not agree with the decision to euthanize Faust and argued that there were better options than belittling the dog.

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