A police officer has taken a gun against children in viral video | NBC Nightly News

The officer is captured firing his revolver while six children are shouting blasphemies against him in a heat exchange in front of a recreation center in El Paso.
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Police officer takes a gun against children on viral video | NBC News.



  1. What f could have happened before the video stated ? Now I know why your president calls you fake news! Choking a child, pulling a gun on a child arresting a child filming? “Do not know what happened before vid starts,trespassing children playing at child centre ?” You racist child abuser station! will love it when you lose your tv station because people are sick of your cop sucking so hard! Guest how many cops vs world watch videos of this abuse and youDo no know…….?

  2. Thanks to this video they were able to identify these same exact kids for breaking into a toll booth! Which is a felony ?

  3. anchor babies! they were getting close to his gun! are they that stupid??

  4. BREAKING NEWS. THE KIDS WERE ALL ARRESTED WHEN EPSO RECOGNIZED THEM FROM SURVEILLANCE BURGLARIES IN ASCARATE PARK. Criminals in the making and welfare mothers. They are used and part of organized street gang crime the parents are in.

  5. You guys need to go to kvia.com in el paso to see the latest update, 7 of these so called children been arrested for breaking into the toll booth at Ascarate on the 2nd of July and due to the surveillance video and the viral video from the 7th they were able to identify them! Not so innocent are they!

  6. Investigation for what?! There’s no reason to pull a gun out on children!
    He needs to be fired immediately..

  7. The investigation is a joke. They don’t care.

  8. Wow looks like Liberal New York City 18 years not El Paso today… But thats how it goes its a policing virus very contagious, to bring back colonial oppression in the name of progress

  9. Kids obviously don't respect authority!… there parents probably don't either because they don't teach it!…

  10. They don't speak like kids… Change the title fake news. Those are obviously sailors.

  11. that man should be used to feed brown rats in a sewer

  12. ouch the profanities hurt me the profanities hurt me….

  13. Eh, these kids are used to it already from their lives in the barrios. Stop getting uppity, Democrats.

  14. That's dangerous, accidents happen. Sucks what this world has come to. ?

  15. Dude got scared. Maybe he needs a break.

  16. Fire this clown ASAP. Hothead. Danger to the public.