A viral video showing the washing of dishes in an alley prompted MPKJ to temporarily close the restaurant

A video showing the washing of the dish in the alley of two employees of a mixed rice restaurant in Sg Long, Kajang became viral, prompting the Kajang City Council (MPKJ) to give an opinion temporary closing at the restaurant on Thursday.



  1. I personally eat there before, they only rinse your cup. They don't even scrub

  2. The video so blurred.. what if competitor or angry employeee made up the video and frame the restaurant because this restaurant is doing very well in that area.. hope MPKJ investigate it thoroughly.. i'm a regular to the mixed rice restaurant and notice they are quite well managed and clean.. even the toilet is a lot cleaner than other nearby restaurants

  3. Hot hot chicken ****. How long before similar practises resume under the very nose of local authorities? Business friendly policies should never be at the expense of public health, quality, standards and cost to consumers.

  4. Close permanently… no cleanliness n hygiene

  5. The branch in sri petaling is not really clean either

  6. Just check the plates, bowls, glasses, forks, spoons & chopsticks, majority fail their cleanliness.

  7. Inilah jadinya bila warga asing diambil sebagai pekerja apatah lagi jika ada majikan yang hanya kerja untung, jadi segala kursus2 standard sop kebersihan tutup mata…adei

  8. Id rather have Zakir Naik in our country than these filthy Hindus operating their so-called Mamak restaurants any day.

  9. Under PH, without corruption, now we see "evil" people being prosecuted.
    Money is no more the King!

  10. I avoid all Mamak restaurants because they employ Indians and they are filthy as hell. Never again.

  11. None of the vegetarian indian restaurant are clean. All the big names included. Wish some action taken