A viral video of a harassed woman assaulted in the rue de Paris

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Paris prosecutors opened an investigation Monday after a young woman was assaulted by a street stalker after telling her to stop – in front of the terrace full of people and CCTV cameras in the 19th district of Paris.

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  1. I like the guy that gets up and goes for the chair lol I assume he was gonna smack the other guy

  2. This is fake. She is too ugly. Definitely a set up.

  3. AWWW HOW CUTE typical female not fighing back just so she could get all that attention and fame how pathetic. She deserved every aspect of it. It was also hilarious how her face moved to the right. Weakling.

  4. She was probably among the first to welcome the "refugee" invaders.

  5. HE GOT HIT WITH A CHAIR!! YES!!! scum.

  6. nothing already on the law books in Paris that deal with aggregated assault? hmm, who knew?!

  7. Really disappointed in the amount of people saying this is due to immigrants. This is an issue women face everywhere from every colour. Ask any woman.

  8. I don't understand why the videoed attacker still not found. So many witnesses were there.

  9. I don’t know why women never think of kicking balls

  10. They cut off before my dude beat the guy with that chair.

  11. From India: Ban refugees. Throw Muslims out before it becomes Bangladesh or Pakistan.

  12. This has nothing to do with feminism, equality doesn't mean you a man, or any other person, including woman can put your hands on ME just because you don't like my response to your disgusting so called flattering praises. You have an opinion about a strangers appearance, keep it to yourself. No one is entitled to own someone else's body.

  13. " We'll always have Paris." That's something French people can't say as meaningfully as just about everybody else.

  14. Despite the numbers, no one attempted a citizen's arrest.

  15. Imagine if it were the other way, and she threw an ashtray and slapped him, he would still be the bad one. She is a prostitute by night, has a day job, she also suffers BPD and was plain tired. So she was triggered, when she took offence to his gesture, you cant give offence only take it. She took it upon herself to settle the score and struck him first( off camera) his blow was in self defence only. She deserved it.

  16. LMAO she is so politically correct she made it about 'metoo' which is the system co-opting what should be real outrage over immigrants assaulting white women and also the sexual harassment of women by the creepy leftists who have been running the media for decades.

  17. Middle-class leftists/students voted for this and marched for it. Congratulations.

  18. Bring more Muslims in. That will help allow more respect toward French women.

  19. This sort of thing has always happened, everywhere in the world. The difference here is that it was on camera and it got shared on social media, but let's not blow things out of proportion. I hope they catch the guy.

  20. When feminist meet their refuge welcome…