Viral video racer 100m Zohri has won the confusion that no team has given a flag

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🙁 happy to be sad
Hope to watch it
I was moved to watch the video that was spinning here and there, no one gave it a flag. The fans are not as busy as they expect. Even though it is the world level, the fight is quite difficult.

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How often do you have a link or information about Then? So? Yes, then Muhammad Zohri, a child of NTB who has just won the junior track and field championship with the most prestigious number, 100 meters away in men.

This morning, 90% of my WAG contains these links. Some have already received umbrella or mug awards, due to repeated positions in a WA group.

Zohri is really phenomenal. He added to the excitement of the people of the republic these days. So, no wonder, the videos have been distributed many times, told. Everyone is happy.

However, there are hidden stories that escape people's attention. If you watched the video, you see Zohri win the race from track 8. This path is not a top track.

The rules of the IAAF (Federation of International Athletic Associations) number 166.3 govern, the trajectories 3, 4, 5 and 6 in the middle are higher trajectories, while 1,2, 7 and 8 are trajectories cere. Like those who fight on the track, they are simple runners, cheerleaders, complementary runners.

Those in the middle lane can look more easily to the right and left of the competitors. In the blink of an eye, they could see how much their competitors were throwing their legs forward. While on the edge, need an extra effort.

In each race or commonly called the Heat to reach the final, those who can achieve the fastest time will be placed on this most strategic track.

Therefore, in all official 100 meter track and field championships, whether official, junior or senior, there are virtually no riders who have won the race from this periphery.

Carl Lewis, Ben Johnson, Asafa Powell, or the best 100m runner, Usain Bolt, still wins the race on this intermediate track. Usually, this track is inhabited by American, African or Central American athletes. Asia is on the edge Always like that.

So when Zohri started the final of track 8, nobody noticed. Also the camera. All focused on the American duo Anthony Schwartz and Eric Harrison on track 3 and 4.

As soon as the gun exploded in the air, all runners put all their energy into their legs. At first glance, nothing is more important. Nothing is scattered. His name is also final. Fight for the gold. Grab the best podium. Whoever participates is the cream of the crop. The best of the best

In the last 20 meters, all the runners are still parallel. But Zohri then hit the finish line in 10.18 seconds. Schwartz and Harrison then at the same time, 10.24 seconds.

He was confused when his name became the peak. Even when the American runner duo had held the flag, he never raised red and white. Maybe because he or the official did not prepare it. Seconds later, the red and white were beating.

Zohri's victory is the best victory ever for Indonesian athletes on the world athletics scene. There may also be a handful of riders who can win this sprint race from the periphery.

From the periphery, Zohri etched his name in the middle of the arena. And now, he is preparing to participate in the Asian Games. In his own country.


  1. Dia bertepuk tangan berulang untuk mengalihkan perhatian supaya ttp punya kelas sebagai seorang pria juga sebagai juara

    Bertepuk tangan utk mengalihkan rasa expresi dan hati yg pilu ..

    Dimana teman teman q. .
    Aku mencari kalian..
    Ya sudah q tepuk tangan saja lagi

    Q mungkin malu dengan peserta yg lain.. Karena q g ada yg diajakin ketawa krena q berhasil juara


  2. Liat ini bikin nangis..
    Zohri terlihat lugu dan polos.. Tidak bisa bahasa inggris pula.. Orang indonesia bisa di hitung jari yang ada di sana… Miris….

  3. Kasian bawa nama negara tapi seperti tak dilihat ..! Dan sesudahnya menang baru ramai di Indonesia..!

  4. Kemana timnya ya, ap dia kesana sendiri

  5. Yang dislike minggat dari indonesia

  6. Ngobro bareng m zohri eh dia senyum senyum aje 😀

  7. Dimana merekaaaaaa….. Dimana merekaaaa… Dimana merekaaaaaa…..
    Kenapa kau berjuang sendirian …????

  8. ya Allah sedih banget g' ada satupun tim dari Indonesia yg peduli. Zohri tetap semangat ya..!!

  9. Saya bangga bercampur sedih dan prihatin…..menang sendiri,tepuk tangan sendiri,sujud syukur sendiri,..celingu kan cari2 bendera dan Official..gak ada yang kasih bendera…congratulations Zohri pamuda dari NTB Juara Dunia Lomba Lari Sprinter 100 Meter tetap semangat…..!!! Kami bangga padamu…!!!

  10. Memalukan! Kyak anak yatim piatu. Masa gk ada yg tanggap satupun.

  11. Gak kuat liatnya ya Allah… rasanya ingin nangis…

  12. Tanpa terasa air mata ku menitis liat zohri pas menang dia liat kiri kanan kaya anak tiri :'(

  13. di mana dukungan indonesia… sedih, dia tengok sana tengok sini gda pndukung sama sekali… 🙁

  14. Kalo udah viral baru di perhatikan…

  15. Ya alloh indonesia …kasian m.zohri di pandang sebelah mata …kesana kemari cari bendera+dukungan gak ada 1 org pun …miris baget sedih melihatnya

  16. atlet nya udh niat pemerintahnya kagak niat

  17. atlet nya udh niat pemerintahnya kagak niat

  18. Inilah indonesia,yang goblok jadi viral dan yang berprestasi di lupakan

  19. terharu, gak ada bendera nya?????????

  20. Kok sedih sii liatnya, dia udh kesenengan ehh nyari" bendera kaga ada yg bawa, mana coba ini yang ngurus lomba,

  21. Harusnya mau yakin menang atau ngga sekalipun bendera Negara tetep dipersiapkan. Kemana coba yg ngurus, atlet udh siap menang, management malah ga tanggap.

  22. Sedih banget ga ada yg ngasih bendera merah putih. Ahirnya numpang selfi di bendera org lain. Smoga bt pmblajaran Menpora. Bahwa kita sbetulnya punya atlit bnyk tpi kurng bgitu di prhatikan.

  23. Yg nonton dri kedubes ngasih bndera ga ada kmn /stap pndamping zohri apakah mnpora ga tau ada atlit indonesia

  24. NTB tidak hanya punya UDIN SEDUNIA tapi juga ada ZOHRI YANG MENDUNIA, selamat batur ! Kami dari Dompu juga bangga

  25. Ya Allah sedih nyariin bendera dan yg support Indonesia dimana orangnya.

  26. Wawancara ekslusif muhammad zohri sambil memegang erat bendera INDONESIA