Aaron Rodgers disgusted by hooting


The catch regarding Andrew Luck's decision to withdraw from the NFL is endless.

Aaron Rodgers, the floor is yours.

"The surprise was obviously the first emotion," said Packers quarterback on Monday. says Sirius XM's Mad Dog sport radio. "He's a young player, he had a very, very good career.

It was a bizarre scene on Saturday night when the news was announced that Luck, 29, was moving away from football while the Colts were in the middle of a home pre-season game against the Bears.

The rumor quickly made its way through the bleachers and supporters began to boo their beloved quarterback as he was leaving the field.

"I think the second is a little disgusted, perhaps, with the way it's been handled," Rodgers said of his reaction to Luck's decision and its aftermath. "He gets booed, the word has flowed like he did, I found it a little disgusting, because it's a guy who makes a decision about his quality of life."

The Colts had initially predicted that Luck – who was not playing Saturday – announced his retirement Sunday afternoon, and though many share the same opinions as Rodgers, others attacked the quadruple Pro Bowler for leaving a contender to the playoffs Playoffs in the No Man's Land with the regular season just two weeks away.

"I think what he did was actually very selfless," said Rodgers. "Does not he start the season? He could be in IR, then cash a Colts paycheck without playing. But instead, he makes the decision now so that they can move forward with [now-starting quarterback] Jacoby [Brissett]and he makes a decision that depends on his quality of life and his happiness, and I salute him for that. And I enjoyed the competition against him. He is a very good player and I am happy to follow up with Andrew. "

The Colts allowed Luck to retain the $ 24.8 million signing bonus they could have recovered from his retirement, with many speculating as a plan to induce him to resign at at a given moment.

Luck has brought in just over $ 97 million to the Colts over his seven-year career.

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