ABS-CBN News: A prosecutor filed a viral video, apologizing to the MMDA


The woman was charged with viral video about her alleged involvement with traffic police from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) who attempted to transport her vehicle due to illegal parking.

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21 thoughts on “ABS-CBN News: A prosecutor filed a viral video, apologizing to the MMDA”

  1. Ituloy ang kaso!!! You need to be examples of your work. Fiscal pa kamo kayo tapos ganyan ang pangangatwiran nyo. You arrogant people!!! You are not above the law and you should not be given a privilege to carry a driver’s license!!!

  2. They should be disbarred from the Bar Association seeing they could not even comply with simple laws. Such an unethical conduct. How could anybody trust these lawyers after this incident? What a joke to the society. This is the very reason why the Philippines would never ever progress, because of people like them who think that they are above the law.

  3. Kya nagpasorry lang mga yan dhil wala na silang choice. Dapat turuan ng leksyon mga yan pra maging lesson at di gayahin ng iba at pra nmn tumaas ang respeto narin sa ating mga enforcers.

  4. yung asawa, parang sino nakapagsalita sa enforcer!!! arogante!!!!you should abide the LAW! lawyer ka pa naman yung misis mo!!! ituloy ang kaso! wag pamaresan tong klaseng hapop sa lipunan baka dumami pa, mahirap na!

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