Raising Cane's employees pulled after a viral video shows a worker stirring tea with an arm


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A video showing a Raising Cane employee stirring tea with her forearm became viral online, resulting in the termination of employment for those in charge.

The video was taken inside the Kansas City, Missouri, fast food chain and was posted on Snapchat before being posted on Facebook where it was viewed over 875,000. time.

In the video, an employee is seen stirring tea with her forearm in a jug and then pouring the drink into the tea vending machine.

On short sequences, we read: "Do not drink tea from Cane" and "She tries (sic) to do nothing more".

Another employee who is filming can be heard laughing.

The video, which became viral online, resulted in a quick action of the fried chicken chain. The president and chief operating officer of the company, AJ Kumaran, told Zac Summers of FOX4 that as soon as he would have learned the video on Tuesday night, the restaurant opened an investigation and fired the responsible employees.

The restaurant issued a statement to FOX4:

"At Raising Cane, we are proud of what we do and work hard to train our more than 19,000 crew members to the highest standards our customers are used to. After reviewing the video of the isolated incident at Tiffany Springs Restaurant, we are incredibly disappointed by the actions of these crew members. We take the safety and quality of our food very seriously and will not tolerate any action that could compromise these standards. As soon as we were informed of the incident, we immediately took action, including launching an investigation, terminating the crew members and contacting local authorities to help them investigate the incident. It's not who we are as a society and we stick to higher expectations. In the future, we will work to provide additional training to all crew members to strengthen the way our team will embody Cane's values ​​in everything we do. "

Clients are satisfied with the restaurant's quick response, stating that the employee's actions were intentional and reprehensible.

"The video you make yourself says that it was very useful," FOA4 Tatiana Camacho, whose girls love to visit the restaurant chain, told FOX4. "It looks like they like to be raw."

"It's not hygienic and people could be really sick because they do not know where his hands are," added Grant Martin, who worked in the fast food sector.

"I appreciate the fact that [Kumaran] acted quickly and that there was no excuse because it was rather inexcusable," Camacho told FOX4.

Raising Cane plans to organize additional training for its employees in the future. .



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  1. I do NOT see anything wrong with it ..,..do you people think that when people work in FOOD processing factories have gloves on all the time??? NEVER because some work required to work just with bare hands

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