Anthony Davis plays for pelicans with reduced minutes


The Pelicans announced on Thursday that the superstar discontented Anthony Davis would continue to dress for the rest of the season, but with reduced playing time.

Acting CEO Danny Ferry told reporters that the NBA had "clarified" that AD had to play if he was in good health.

Things promise to remain extremely uncomfortable and uncomfortable in New Orleans for the foreseeable future.

By The Times-Picayune:

"As we have done previously, we will continue to follow their example," said Ferry during a conference call. "But we will also focus on the future of the team. As a result, you will see a reduction in Anthony's minutes. "

That means an increase in the minutes for young players like Frank Jackson, Cheick Diallo and Kenrich Williams, as well as for potential free players such as Elfrid Payton, Julius Randle, Stanley Johnson and Darius Miller.

"For the youngest, it's a critical period of evaluation and development," said Ferry. "Everyone is on board with that. We also evaluate veterans and make sure they play the way we want. "

Ferry, pelicans coach Alvin Gentry, owner Gayle Benson and executive Mickey Loomis are all on the same page, he said.

"Ms. Benson is committed to setting up a successful organization and has promised the resources and willingness to do everything that is needed," Ferry said.

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