Bogle and Beenie involve viral video

This is the second part and in this video we take sections of the viral video with Labba Labba and an old video of Beenie Man allowed us to make our point with comments and our summary of all the history. We also read a long comment from someone claiming to be Labba Labba's child disavowing it and claiming that all this was not true. Do not forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and click on the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV. .



  1. Nothing nuh go so him dead because of beenie man RIP mr boggle

  2. Lie him a little pon boggle

  3. We are not god but one thing I am certain about that man labba labba appears to be a special needs person for example Autism, learning disability etc. In Jamaica this does not recognise… those types of people doesn’t lie. They are very literal they speak exactly facts. If you tell them 5 minuets and they know 5 minuets that’s what you getting.

    Jamaican needs to be aware of this and stop thinking is everybody man or chat too much… it is their nature.

  4. I do not care what no one says Jamaica is a bad place all the DJs them take that money by going to give to you. Monday Street the kill one another I understand it's a f***-up Island

  5. So flow from the time BOGO dead everybody being saying that Beenie Man is the man who plan to kill Bogle what it sounds like this man is 75 year old man knows a lot of things from the house situation the whole Sunday bike that he buy face friend and take it back and give the old man a chain and take it back anyways enough people don't rate Beenie Man Beenie Man never bought snow Ortiz that's why I miss a bounty all the way we go Bounty Killer from long-time any man is a bad man that's why Angel treat them like that be kind take away the manual from bounty time would I get to wife Beenie Man up pussy

  6. whole heap of insecure pussywholes out dere

  7. Mi feel a one a Beenieman people make the comment

  8. Hope he comes back and tells Jamaica how fishy the artist is

  9. Sounds like Beanie Man wrote that comment pretending to be Labba Labba's kid. I saw the video and I can tell its definitely true what he was saying. In see a spiritual war playing out through these people. They don't even know why they are doing these thing.

  10. Bogle seh them boy deh a common fowl but lets collect more information on this investigation lots of truth to the story am a dancer myself bogle visit dc many times he was cool brother we former dancers from a show called where it’s at tv show like on stage talented brother rip my dancer brother you’re creative so hope it’s not that really cost your life ????

  11. Shame Pon Dem Name!! Roses For Life!!

  12. Chris Royal n Beenie man….Hmmmm???

  13. this is nostalgia moment hearing all the popular names from back in passa passa and weddy weddy wednesday day names like skeaky joe, ice, john hype, weepow, chris royal, roses etc

  14. Beenie still corrupt yuh nuh si him a fight off Gaza boss crown

  15. It’s such amazing to see how one man account of a previous crime can make people socially being argumentative and disagreeing about something they have no concrete facts about. . After so many years do you guys really think they will have substantial evidence to tie beenie man to this case. . Having said that Jamaica laws are differ and they mostly goes off hear say and not a strong evidence base. . I can guarantee Beenie is shitting himself now from up-rivals and not the law for he knows accusation or one given an account (factual or fiction) can cause damage to his reputation or family being the subject of a target. .

    Interesting times!

  16. Souflo de whole industry corrupt.

  17. I know ??‍♀️ scrolling threw these responses like… ??‍♂️??? ? ✏️

  18. read between the lines people, Beenie man is obsessed with attention, when he should ne overseas making money he stayed and war with bounty killa for best DJ, him tell ppl that williagort is him best friend because him wnt to be known as a bad man, him tek weh john hype from elephant man, him tek weh angel from bounty, him tek weh vibes kartel from bounty, he wanted it all and wld do anything to get it

  19. So why dem never say a kris's royal kill him are dem nah listen to labba labba good

  20. Big up souflotv;demand good eee

  21. laba laba needs a witness protection or dem agu kill him

  22. Mi nuh know but me believe everything him say

  23. I think naturally when people reach a certain age they look back. And talk about the past he can't help that it is natural and if you asking the story 1000 times again he will say it accurately the thousand times

  24. I believe Laba Laba 100%!!!………If I were Beenie Man I would keep a low profile and simply deny everything when the Police come calling. However; if Beenie is stupid enough to order any killing of Laba Laba then he may just end up locked away for 35 years just like Kartel!!!

  25. they better not because the same name will call again double douse

  26. Omg la ba la ba omg them ago kill him

  27. Why him a point out man across the street ?! Kmt

  28. Soul Flo more time i disagree with you, but this is a good one.thumps up✊

  29. I think this old man knew he was being filmed but he didn’t understand the possible impact of what he was doing.

  30. Him talk too much! I could say him need to be careful but a long time him a chat so God guh wid him! How him know everything suh or a suh him hear.

  31. Wait, labba labba in Jamaica means a person who spreads false rumor ,so it’s unwise to listen to Mr labba labba .

  32. Mi hear say a beenie man kill bogle an pay to kill di man dat kill bogle ??‍♂️ years ago mi hear dis

  33. Mi kno say beenie man kill bogle cause mi hear dis exact story frm someone when it did happen years ago … dem ago kill labba labba now watch dnt fi get cause yall got short term memory

  34. Bull crap how he hear what Chris Royal was saying on the other side of the phone he need to shut the f**** up

  35. That's why i don't like Jamaicans.. they always try to break down each other…

  36. How this man know so much????

  37. If they call this man LABA LABA. And Boogle dead from 2005 and a now him just a talk.. come on people.. he is the one that should be in jail.. This man is a mad raassclaaat man…

  38. Ah set up dem ah set up this man fi get kill???…. chaaaa

  39. Nothing looks like the truth than a lie and allegations do not equal truth. Just saying. Thank you Souflo for getting in the details..the name labba labba tell you exactly who this man is, in my opinion.

  40. Beenie man & him bad man friend them kill bolge

  41. You dig in the archives for these information enlightenment. Keep up the good job peace and love

  42. Don't think that is lablab son

  43. His name is “Labba labba”. Right? It look loke he was ignorant of the fact that he was being recorded because he kept coming close to the cameraman whispering like is a secret.