Can you solve the puzzle of the virus? – Lisa Winer


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Your research team found a prehistoric virus preserved in the permafrost and isolated it for study. After a night of work, you close the lab when a sudden earthquake strikes and breaks all the sample vials. Will you be able to destroy the virus before the mouths open and release a deadly airborne plague? Lisa Winer shows how.

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  1. technically, computers can solve NP problems just fine. The problem is that they can't necessarily find the solution to a large NP problem in a reasonable amount of time. You can use heuristics and clever tricks to reduce the computer's workload, but there's a theoretical limit we haven't figured out how to reduce the workload past. If you want a million dollars and a free turkey, figure out whether or not it's even possible to make a computer do NP-complete problems quickly and publish a proof.

  2. Or instead of becoming a travelling salesman, the dude in the video should head straight for a doctor, to organise a biopsy or two on those conjoined scrotal additions to his head.

  3. I remember doing this puzzle in science class. But instead, it was titled the "Case of the Homicidal Necrophobe". In an insane asylum, this girl with a very unique problem was being housed. She was a homicidal necrophobe. She'd have to kill anyone she saw but the was afraid of dead bodies. The start point was her room and the end point was where she was found after a security malfunction. She had killed everyone and was seen cowering in the corner of the endpoint because there were two dead bodies. One in each room adjacent to the end. The goal of the puzzle was to find the 8 paths she could have taken so that new security measures could be installed.

  4. I had a solution where you ended up at the entrance and either left via that door or waited until the lockdown ended and I could be rescued (didn't say anything about having to escape, just that all contaminated rooms needed to be destroyed and I had to survive).

  5. Huh… I actually had the right idea with this one. I knew the solution involved re-entering the entry room. If I had bothered to spend more time thinking about it, I probably would have figured it out.

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