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A kinetic text animation to show why viral marketing is so relevant nowadays

Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people. -William Butler Yeats

the world of advertising changes

More than 28% of the world's population can not remember a world without the Internet

20 hours of YT videos downloaded every minute or ("here at the end of this video X hours of footage will have been uploaded to YT") [see how long the video is]

80% of US citizens watched an online video every month
Worldwide, more than a billion people watch YouTube every day

It's more than 5 times

CNN BBC cartoon network fox discovery


10% transmitted these videos on

If the kid star wars had earned 1 dollar for each view that his video had received

He would be a billionaire

A full page in FHM can cost £ 21,000 with 230,000 readers it's £ 0.09 per engagement

1 30 seconds during the Simpsons in the United States – $ 319,000 to 11 million viewers or £ 0.02 per viewer

90% of viewers who can show these ads

The Nintendo Wii Fit Online Ad has received 9m views in 5 months at an estimated cost of £ 0.0000055 per person and down

Swine flu news was more than a million times more viral than the virus itself

Queensland Job Best in Global Campaign Received 11,000 Candidates

This coupon has apparently been disclosed
(The picture is here

It has resulted in more advertising for a drummer in one season

and 15mil £ for sales

That in a whole year

Hotmail has spread to more than 12 million subscribers in two years at a price of $ 0.02 per subscriber

They sold to Microsoft for $ 400 million!

Viral marketing is not a gadget

Is there a buzz around your product or service?



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