Fans clash as GTA’s original trilogy drops from sale

[ad_1] Existing versions of Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be removed from digital storefronts today, and many fans are at odds over the move. As announced during the reveal of GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition, Rockstar is removing old versions from all digital stores … Read more

Ford’s Mach-E GT is a 21st century American muscle car

[ad_1] Sunlight filters through the towering pines, patting my Ford Mach-E GT’s “grippy blue” skin as it gallops along Highway 1, reckless trivialities like “defensive driving technique” and the “speed limits”. Irma Thomas sings through the 9-speaker Bang and Olufsen audio system, her interpretation of Time is on my side a stark contrast to the … Read more

The joy of playing Deathloop like the smallest man there is


Hi! How was your day? Oh me? Well I spent the morning scheduling a hand crank delivery to Updaam. Had lunch. I returned in the afternoon, deactivated a few turrets, then hid myself behind a trash can for a while. All this just to turn off an oxygen pump and suffocate a bubble bracelet that I could easily have pulled out in seconds. Tomorrow I might climb to the top of a three story building just to collapse, machete first, into the face of a guard who killed me once a few loops back. Hello. My name is Colt and I am the smallest protagonist in the existing video game.

In his Deathloop review, Brendy described Colt as “playing him up the ass.” I liked this line, but I still didn’t understand its true gravity. I am now enlightened. I saw Colt’s real ass and grasped the magnitude of it: Colt’s ass is the antithesis of Dishonored’s heart. Blame. Boot. Blame. None of you are free from sin.

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Intel Core i5-12400 Alder Lake Budget desktop processor with 6 cores faster than AMD Ryzen 5 5600X in leak benchmarks

[ad_1] The first benchmarks of the Intel Core i5-12400 processor, which will be positioned in the low-budget desktop segment of Alder Lake, have been leaked. The performance figures come from the same leaker who released the Core i9-12900K benchmarks in Bilibili a few days ago. Intel Core i5-12400 Alder Lake processor could become a king … Read more

The Morning After: Google could offer a Pixel Phone subscription package

[ad_1] Are you ready for another Pixel phone? After Apple iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy devices (both foldable and, uh, static), Google’s local phones are probably the third most interesting family of smartphones. Perhaps this is because Google has generally looked at software and processing tips rather than specification wars, both to offer features not found … Read more

Return 4 Blood Devs ‘discussing’ how to make single player more rewarding

[ad_1] Turtle Rock Studios, the developer behind Back 4 Blood, has acknowledged the community’s frustration with the game’s lack of progression in single-player mode and is looking for ways to make it more rewarding. As spotted by Eurogamer, the developer thanked fans on Twitter for their comments on the single-player mode before explaining that he … Read more

Amazon One Day Sale Saves Up To 52% On WD And SanDisk Storage

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Weird Canon R5 VR Lens Could Be Shiny

[ad_1] Canon’s announcement of its new RF lens has aroused the curiosity of many ears. Is this new goal going to be brilliant or is it too specialized to be successful? If there’s one thing I love about photography, it’s weird and unusual lenses and cameras. Sometimes I’ll just buy one to own it, even … Read more

Google’s plans for Fuchsia OS revealed in job postings

[ad_1] According to a number of job postings first spotted by Google, “it’s time” to bring its mysterious Fuchsia operating system to “additional smart devices and other form factors” beyond smart screens. 9to5Google. Fuchsia is Google’s newest operating system, released earlier this year for the company’s first-generation Nest Hub. There has been a lot of … Read more