Central American migration and the war on drugs – News


The international autumn seminar series, A new normal in a global contextcontinues at noon on Wednesday October 20 with Dr. Mike Hendrick’s lecture on “Central American Migration and the War on Drugs”. The event will be presented as a live Zoom webinar, free and open to the public. Prior registration is required to receive the Zoom link.

Hendricks’ presentation – “Central American Migration and the War on Drugs” – demonstrates how things like globalization, neoliberalism and increasing technology have led to an increase in the global drug trade in recent years. Hendricks will show how the global drug ban regime and the United States’ war on drugs failed to stop the supply of drugs because the demand for drugs in developed countries (e.g. the United States United) has never diminished. After discussing the many facets of this issue, Hendricks will end the presentation with a brief discussion of some potential avenues to alleviate the drug-refugee problem in Central America.

Mike Hendricks is Assistant Professor in the Department of Politics and Government at the ISU. His main research interests include movements in resistance to large extractive projects in the developing world, Chinese investments in the developing world, and the effectiveness of peacekeeping. Hendricks holds a PhD (2019) and an MA (2016) in Comparative Politics and International Relations from the Department of Political Science at the University of Missouri. During his graduate studies, Hendricks also obtained a minor in international development and four certificates: scholarships, non-profit management, public management and global public affairs. Prior to his graduate studies, Hendricks served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua (2011-2013) and China (2014). Hendricks received his BA from the University of Delaware in 2011. He studied international relations with a focus on international development. He also completed three minors: Spanish, Business and History.

The International Seminar Series has grown into one of the most popular international events on the Illinois State Campus and continues to provide international perspectives on critical issues around the world. This semester, the series is a collaboration between the Office of International Studies and Programs and the Department of Politics and Government. The coordinator of the faculty is Dr. YOU Wang, university professor and chairman of the Department of Politics and Government.

The series continues with webinars at noon every Wednesday through November 3, 2021. The events in the seminar series are free and open to the public: Register in advance is required to receive the connection link. Those who have questions or need accommodation to fully participate should contact [email protected] or dial (309) 438-5276.


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