Coca-Cola car made from cans | Viral videos of the day

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Scarf – George Barrat Jones:

Moon – Daniel Lopez:

Drum – つ な ま よ:

Slip cycle – slip cycle:

Lava – Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency:

Bonfire – fourpa

Bonfire 2 – Arheed Hjelm:

Rainbow – Greg Harlow Media:

Pizza Iceberg – Burn his letters:

Weight under water – Pressure.Project:

Alps – Katya Karadeniz:

Dance statues:

Coke Car – The Q :.



  1. so show us it functioning…

  2. Car doesn't look functional to me.

  3. how about a car made out of beer bottles XD

  4. This is really cool actually

  5. Drinking all of that soda would cause diabetes in someone.

  6. I Turned on notifications and Subscribed!

  7. Great stuff as always…. but I prefer Pepsi ?

  8. That's how u start global warming norway

  9. I need a big fire and then some wood thought new zealand