Lobster viral video escape from boiling soup pot during cooking, finally maintained

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – A video showing a live lobster coming out of a hot pot of viral medium in the virtual world.

The strange incident occurred in a restaurant in China.

In the video recording time of eleven seconds, it seems red lobster because of porridge.

But still trying to escape the heat of the stew pot.

He managed to get out of the pot, while on the edge of the pan, he pulled out a claw that was already boiling the soup.

The video was originally uploaded by Jiuke on a Chinese platform called Weibo.

The video becomes viral and receives various comments from the warganet.

City of the BBC, the video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

Some warganet commented by suggesting not to kill lobster trying to survive.

According to Jiuke's confession, he finally brought the lobster home and kept it in the aquarium.

"I let him live, I took him home and kept him in the aquarium," replied Jiuke.

Watch the video above. (Tribun-Video.com/Rosiana Nugrahaini) [ad_2]


  1. Kuasa Allh ga ada yg ga mungkin …

  2. Bohongnya kebangetan amat..masa air dah mndidih lobster malah kabur..mateng klo memang tdinya dlm panci mah..you are a big liar, bastard idiot ..!!!!!