Could Stephen Amell always be open to a wonderful role after Arrow?


Stephen Amell's time as Green Arrow is about to end after ArrowThe eighth season of this fall is imminent, but, although the actor hangs up, it's a bow and arrow in the DC universe, but his heroic career may only be not yet finished.

Even from the first days of Arrow, fans wondered if Amell would consider playing a different superhero on Marvel's side and that's something the actor said in 2015 and which he was, in fact, open to. During a Facebook Live in December 2015, Amell answered a question from a fan about the idea, noting that he had not ruled it out.

"Sure why not?" Said Amell. "I'm up for roles – movie roles – even though I've never really read Marvel Comics and I've always been a guy from DC before even being a DC guy." But it's like I'm being offered an awesome Marvel superhero, I'd be like "No, I can not."

If Amell is still open to the Marvel world, Arrow ending with the coming season puts things at an interesting time for such a thing. With the merger between Disney and Fox coming to an end, many new film and television opportunities featuring various Marvel characters – especially the X-Men – are about to open. If it's no longer appropriate as Green Arrow, Amell would theoretically have more time and space in his program to assume such a role.

That said, a lot has changed in the course of ArrowHe will soon be playing his eighth season and even in the three years since he's admitted to being open to a role in Marvel. Amell himself acknowledged in a video that he shared with fans Wednesday that his personal and professional interests – including his family – are no longer tied to the Arrow located in Vancouver. Amell started Arrow as a single man "kind of person with someone" and is now a married father. In addition to that, he also has his winery, Nocking Point, and works to bring the feature film, Code 8, to life too.

"To say that this has been a real radical change over the last seven years would be a huge understatement," said Amell.

There is also the possibility that even with Arrow In closing, Amell did not completely finish with Oliver Queen. Thanking fans for their support over the years, Amell also said he was not done with Emerald Archer yet. After all, there are more shows in Arrowverse than Arrow.

"Last, but not least, to the people watching this right now – to the people who have populated my social media channels for the past seven years. I have made countless friends, I have been able to tell so many stories, I have been able to animate great moments for people because they are Green Arrow fans. " said Amell. " I will miss it very much, but something tells me, even when I'm done, I will not be gone. If you have looked at Arrowverse, you should understand it. "

Whatever the future reserved for Amell, the fans still have the rest of the seventh season and that of Arrow, the 10 episodes of season 8 and the event "Crisis on Infinite Earths" to hope.

Arrow broadcast on Monday at 8h / 7c on The CW.


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