Dallas police investigate "assault" on transgender woman video

Dallas police are investigating a violent assault "against the crowd" of a transgender woman on Friday and claim that this could be described as a hate crime, according to authorities.

The alleged assault would have occurred Friday afternoon as a result of a minor road accident, police said. The woman got out of her car near a building in South Dallas and a men's attack followed.

The video of the attack was quickly spread on social media and was confirmed as genuine by the Dallas police.

A transgender woman was violently assaulted in a (WFAA) A transgender woman was violently assaulted during a "crowd" attack at Royal Crest Apartments in Dallas on Friday, April 12, 2019, police said.

"The Department is investigating this offense and is reviewing all available evidence to determine if it will be classified as a hate crime," police said in a statement.

The video shows the woman in a parking lot near the apartment complex when a man dressed in a white long sleeved t-shirt and a white shorts approaching the company. She throws her to the ground. He then pinned her to the ground and began to rain left and right on the woman's head. Several other men joined the assault, stomping on and kicking the woman while she was on the ground.

The woman told the police that her attackers had uttered homophobic insults during the incident.

The woman told ABC's Dallas radio station, WFAA, that she had suffered a broken face and a right arm injury during the attack. She refused an interview on camera.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said he was "extremely angry" about the attack.

A transgender woman was attacked in a (Google Maps) A transgender woman was attacked during a "mob directed" assault outside the Royal Crest's Dallas apartments on Friday, April 12, 2019, police said.

"Chief [Renee] Hall warned me this morning of the Royal Crest Apartments' assault and I saw a video of what happened, "Rawlings said in a statement Saturday. I am extremely angry at what appears to be a mob violence against this woman. I am in contact with the chief and she assured me that the Dallas Police Department was thoroughly investigating, including on the possibility that it was a hate crime. "

He added, "Those who did that do not represent what Dallasians feel about our thriving LGBTQ community, we will not defend that kind of behavior."

The Dallas police thanked the public for its help, reported that she was investigating the area and asked anyone with information to phone the authorities.

Twenty-six transgender people, the vast majority of whom are women, were killed in 2018, according to information collected by the Human Rights Campaign. One of these women, Karla Patricia Flores-Pavón, 26, was strangled in her apartment in Dallas on May 9th.

According to HRC, 80% of women who have been transgressed in the last six years were women of color.

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