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"Hope will accompany those who have the courage to carry the flame."

By Colin Stevens

The developer Red Hook Studios has revealed that a follow-up of the Darkest Dungeon role-playing game is underway.

Announced on Twitter With the first details of PC Gamer, the announcement of Darkest Dungeon 2 accompanied a brief teaser video entitled The Howling End. This video shows six return classes from the first game: Grave Robber, Leper, Man-at-Arms, Plague Doctor, Highwayman and Hellion.

The teaser, told by Wayne June of Darkest Dungeon, says, "In the screaming darkness of the end, men will become monsters. But hope will accompany those who have the courage to carry the flame. "

In an interview with PC Gamer, Tyler Sigman and Chris Bourassa, of Red Hook, said that the fighting system of the first game would come back, but that it would be "settled" for the future. Red Hook will also use a very different metagame structure, but no details have been given. Darkest Dungeon 2 will be released first on Early Access, and although no platform has been officially announced, PC is clearly a safe bet.

"We love our dysfunctional characters, our atmosphere and our world," said Sigman and Bourassa. "Horror is a fantastic space to explore interesting and unconventional ideas, and we have a lot more history to tell.Mechanically, we also think we have precious nuggets and we would like to explore others. we are committed to making the Darkest Dungeon II an experience in its own right, and will have its own creative and thematic identity. "

The team working on Darkest Dungeon currently has 14 people, but the group expects this number to rise to 20 by one and a half years ago. "Cultural fit is extremely important to us and we are not in a hurry to grow," said Sigman and Bourassa. "We value each other's company, share drinks and play games together, but above all, we value hard work and passion. . Open, selfless discussion and brainstorming sessions are an important part of our process. Our goal as a team is to find the best choice. We take pleasure in challenging ourselves and defending the devil's advocate for this purpose. "

Darkest Dungeon was originally released on PC and OSX, then on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS.

In our review of Darkest Dungeon in 2016, we called the RPG "Incredible" by saying "Darkest Dungeon is an awesome game of tactics, management and resale." We also named Darkest Dungeon for our 2016 game of the year.

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