Depth – Virus Nipah

In recent days, there have been reports of deaths caused by the spread of a virus in Kerala. Identified as Nipah, the virus has already killed at least 10 people in the state – triggering widespread panic. The World Health Organization recognizes the Nipah virus as an emerging zoonosis that causes serious illness in animals and humans. In the In Depth edition of today, let us understand in detail what is the Nipah virus, how it is transmitted, its symptoms and the means by which it is transmitted. can be avoided …

Anchor: Teena Jha.



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  3. Nipah virus should be stopped.. Government should bring awareness to the people's mind about this viral virus. Now it is only in Kerala but if Government failed to find the proper solution for it, it will spread all over the country.
    To know more about the Facts regarding Nipah virus visit this click below and educate yourself.

  4. Since it has been depicted the bat as the main carrier of the nipah virus,investigation should be on the how it inherited the virus !

  5. The report is full of knowledge. Graphics are also very much attractive and nicely explained. But the mode of acceleration of Nipah Virus in living body through its RNA is missing. thank you RStv for providing us such opportunity to know about it.

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