Derek Hough examines the biggest viral dance videos of the Internet | SOI

Derek Hough reviews the most popular viral dance videos on the internet, including the evolution of dance, the Harlem Shake, the Gangnam style and more!

Evolution of the dance:

Kyle Haganami:

Korean female dance group:


Whip and Nae Nae:

Ballet Music Video:

Harlem Shake:


The most popular Derek Hough Dance Video:

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Derek Hough examines the biggest viral dance videos of the Internet |



  1. Nothing against him as a person but, I don’t feel he isn’t quite as knowledged as a person I would expect to review dances professionally.

  2. Why am I watching this ?

  3. Shoulda have put that Chandelier music video in here, Maddie’s dance in that is awesome and that video has almost 2 billion views

  4. React to bts dance practice it will blow ur mind

  5. he should've react to royal family

  6. derek just restored my faith in myself

  7. Me watching this
    points t h a t Y E S

  8. I wish he'd reviewed more true dance videos like Kyle's and the ballet one. Though those Nay Nay'in kids were precious.

  9. What dance was Derek world champion in as he claims as it certainly wasn’t Professional Latin ballroom dancing?

  10. I'm so sorry for your loss Derek. I hope the Lord bring you happiness and peace of mind throughout your day. Much love brother.
    PS. Please don't forget that you are loved by many

  11. Why on earth is that anemic west coast swing the biggest ballroom video on YouTube?! Shame on you, internet!

  12. 'primary colours' and the colours are green, pink and then red, yellow and blue

  13. I really needed to hear the, you can start dance at any age part. I am planning on auditioning for world of dance show. I did do a dance program at school for modern every saturday and sunday up until performance day(elementary school btw) and was asked to go to my choreographer's dance studio b/c she saw dance for me. I didn't have money for that sort of thing for years. still don't. I did get the opportunity to perform w/ ksjamm dance troupe(african,tap,jazz and hip-hop) for 2015-2016 year got my trophies but that's all the experience i have and dance class instead of gym in high school. I don't have professional training and I'll be 19 this year. I can't freestyle really but I sure as hell can dance my butt off to someones choreography, so hearing that oh you need experience,you can't be a dancer all over the internet knowing that for sure ppl out there have started later in dance back when i was 15 to now, really discouraged me.

  14. i wish to dance with him , on bed

  15. Excuse me, but who is Derek Hough?

  16. you should watch the dance underwater in the deepest pool video. i literally cried

  17. He reminds me of a White Jidenna