Destiny reacts to the viral Instagram video – Asmongold response to the viewer – Kid reaction to the anime # 353



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  1. I was wondering this entire time who marie reminded me of and its fking Lora Croft … she 110% needs to do the next tomb raider because the last one was trash as fkkk atleast she has the look

  2. why do racist people hide that they are racist because they are ashamed of themselves and afraid to show how much of a piece shit human being they are. No???????

  3. Someone stole my reddit post.

  4. 4:42 that old guys has a shotgun with him

  5. Asmongold, epic Troll, level 9000, lololololololll

  6. i feel like greek is like addicted to being the center of attention not just on others stream but on others chat as well spamming ggx

  7. Gamers on welfare yikes that's a quick way to lose even more of your dead fan base

  8. aaaaaw soda is so thoughtful

  9. always rely on you to get those sweet highlights ty<3

  10. What a piece of shit asmongold is he did more than feed the trolls

  11. What game is cohh carnage playing at 5:02

  12. 5:07 No gachiBASS in chat. N OMEGALUL RMIE Channel

  13. Wait wtf Asmongold is on welfare but gets donations and gets paid from twitch for sub's.

  14. I wish all esports was as hype as smash & fighting games, that shit looks so fun

  15. 5:15 That is so deliberate, typical chat being clueless

  16. My spinal cord broke from cringe on that cowboy dude clip