Firefighter kisses dog who saved him from the roof of the house – Viral video

Firefighter kisses dog who saved him from the roof of the house – Viral video
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  1. Dogs show gratitude to humans but not all of humans take care of them

  2. Beautiful thank you so much for saving this little angel God bless you always

  3. Oh, I'm in love with this scene! BEAUTIFUL RESKUE! May God bless all the pure hearts involved in this deed! ?

  4. NOW That's what LOVE Is Great Example,

  5. Loro danno la vita per noi, dovremmo fare lo stesso per loro. Grazie mille per il vostro aiuto

  6. awwww love a good ending. how can people dislike the video suppose if he hadn't of made it they wuda give it a thumbs up weirdos

  7. This was a happy day for the pup. I love animals.

  8. Go dislike videos somewhere,Ty for recusing this dog from the roof top

  9. "Thanks. Smooch. Kiss. I knew you would come!"

  10. Animals are way more grateful then humans.!!

  11. Firefighters are the fingertips of guardian angels.

  12. A big thanku to the person who called the dept person to save him we salute each n every one

  13. That one flippin person who disliked it is just a low life

  14. so amazing thank God and thank you very much for rescue him ?????❤❤❤❤

  15. Dogs are intelligent and affectionate, this doggy is just awesome showing his gratitude by showering kisses, Thank you for sharing!:-)

  16. I like dogs and cats they make me happy I have a dog named Charlie too! My dad had one when he was younger but sadly one day he walked my dad to school and he was walking home and some how never came back home I never saw him :c