Destroying Computer Scammers with Virus



I managed to get access to a computer from tech support scams, and I decided to take revenge on them. I've unleashed a certain file that reinstate their complete computer. A taste of their own medicine! These guys are making your screen black and stealing entire bank accounts, they really deserve that we do that to them!

We are dialing all kinds of LIVE crooks 24/7 to raise awareness and waste time so they can scam fewer people. The more we compose them, the less likely they are to cheat someone.

These people make a lot of victims by saying that you have viruses, hackers, popups, adware, malware infections, spyware, Trojans and all kinds of malicious bugs attacking your computer when you count on your computer. earned money. They are mainly based in India, and the authorities do not do much … we try to make a difference! Please subscribe and share this feed to spread the word!

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Join our discord and join our fight against crooks. Our army of scambaiters is growing fast! Helps stop these Indian crooks and fraudulent telemarketers. The authorities are not doing enough, the time has come to put the matter in our hands!



29 thoughts on “Destroying Computer Scammers with Virus”

  1. Omg thanks for doing that I always get phones calls and I’m always so bitching to them cuz there trying to scam for example 2 days ago a tell a marketer called me and I answered by say “ah what’s up Logan? What’s popin?” Like Logan Paul?

  2. fuck these indian gay bastads they hate the people in the usa ive heard them say we are fools n they love to rob our elderly people so fuck those dick sucking bingo dot mother fuckers !

  3. You are an angle . Mind it I have said it to very few. Any idea how to deal with people asking credit card no. On phone and stealing money . I wanna kill those scammers … One such case happen with my grandparents.

  4. Just like we can’t prosecute them, they can’t prosecute us. Hack these scum to your heart’s content, people. Any way you can figure out how. No limitations. See how they like it >;)

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