Video of 2 race buses in Coimbatore va Viral, suspended pilot licenses

The permits of two private bus drivers were suspended Saturday in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, after a video showing two buses literally circulating on the Coimbatore-Pollachi highway became viral. The video, captured by motorists pursuing both buses, left many hearts beating, leaving only the passengers inside. (Warning: discretion of the viewer advised)

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  1. These buses are smoking through their assholes???

  2. I think that drivers has loose motions and going so fast to the toll booth.

  3. Sabko jaldi heiii.. bhaii.. upar pouchne me?

  4. This is India everything is possible no action inindia

  5. Superb driver….. I have travelled lots of time in college bus with 120 speed in city…… Don't fear….. They are heroes….. ?

  6. Saale khud to marenge hi public ko sath le kar marenge.

  7. खुजार है इनमे मरने की

  8. Sally inke vajhse mare jate he Masum log

  9. Yahi saale maarte h kaiyon ko sadak par.

  10. Award goes to pasingers in the buses for not controlling the drivers of bus

  11. Motogp for bikes
    F1 for cars
    What is for bus then ??

  12. one,was,from,cong,another,ofcourse,bjp..right,media

  13. idiots.. wat do they think they r doing.. risking peoples life because of the poor cow dung head

  14. Stupid people. The big Indian ego

  15. Fast and furious koimbotoor drift


  17. 265 farmers had their barren fields ploughed by these turbo charged buses.

  18. Suspending licence is Not Enough for this fuckers.They must be sentence at least for Six months in Jail.

  19. …and the biker too got his license suspended for reckless single handed driving while making video?

  20. Dono paise waali keedey hoti hain naa ,uski tarah raing rahi hain dharti pe , woh bhi racing ,mind blowing type .

  21. I'm the lucky one because in M.P. these types of bus driving never be happened.They drives very well.

  22. Remembering childhood days when school bus drivers raced and we all were inside cheering and enjoying…. offcourse at that time there used to be no other vehicle on the road. ….35 yrs back.

  23. Don't care passengers lifes

  24. Those drivers need to be horsewhipped.

  25. This culture is on both sides of the border

  26. Inn dono bus driver ko nikal kr itne chappal maaro inka dimang sahi ho jaye

  27. Buddy watch the obstacles !!!!! Biker

  28. The drivers should have been jailed