Discover Colorado Rockies' new "Game of Thrones" Bobo Heads – The Know


Some of the new rickety heads of "Rockies Game of Thrones". (Provided by FOCO)

There is a new sovereign of the Seven Kingdoms: Dinger?

The Rockies' great purple mascot stands at the top of the coveted iron throne in MLB's new batch of bobbleheads, Game of Thrones, released Monday.

The collection includes many HBO licensed models for the 30 Major League Baseball teams, representing nearly 90 new desktop ornaments. Depending on the version, each team will have five options available:

  • Iron Throne: Every mascot of the MLB as well as several current stars will take the throne.
  • Night watchers: The best players will be at the top of the wall.
  • King of the night: The Night King holding a frozen bat with the logo of the icy team.
  • Ice Dragon: A scary ice dragon dominating the iced logo of your favorite team.
  • Royal Guard: This waterfall presents the favorites of fans adorned with the splendid armor of the Royal Guard.

The freezing cold of winter can invade your heart when you see the price tag: $ 45 to $ 60, for an $ 8 delivery for all orders. You can get a set of three for $ 150.

Bobbleheads, manufactured by FOCO, can be ordered from the Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum today, and are scheduled for April and May. A second group of players will be broadcast in April.

As the Rockies open on Friday, April 5 against the Dodgers, spring training will resume this weekend in Arizona.

"Game of Thrones" will make its first and eighth season on April 14th.


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