Disney Plus at $ 7? Just take money from this parent already


Disney Plus is the exclusive broadcast house of Frozen 2. I have 9 and 8 year old girls named Alla and Ella. Do you think I have the choice?


In my house every Friday, it's Family Movie Night. Three children aged 9, 7 and 3 choose in turn the film they want to see. Or rewatch. Or fight to watch for the fourth time.

Their negotiations often begin days before and become more agitated as the fateful night approaches. Learning that the youngest wants to watch Cars again, her sisters inevitably begin their subtleties at an acceptable substitute such as CoCo or Moana.

Sometimes I intervene and play at the referee, especially if a movie is available "for free" as part of a subscription. "Children, Moana is no longer on Netflix, so it's $ 4 to rent. Why not incredibles 2?"

Usually, they ignore my thrifty suggestions. "Well," I think, "it's just $ 4." A small price to pay for the harmony of entertainment, and Moana is very well. But I wish I could watch this movie, as well as other Disney quality movies, as part of an affordable subscription.


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The trailer of Toy Story 4 shows the expectations of Woody and Bo Peep …


You already have a friend in me, Disney Plus

Disney has just announced the details of Disney Plus, its new autonomous streaming service. Available November 12, it costs $ 7 a month and sounds like our inevitable new destination for Family Movie Night.

Every Pixar movie will be on Disney Plus, available for streaming anytime. This includes all toy stories, cars, inside, Monsters Inc., the life of an insect, Find Nemo, Find Dory and Wall-E. There will also be many Disney films, including Frozen, 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp, Mary Poppins, The Parent Trap, The Little Mermaid and, yes, The Princess Diaries.

Disney Plus: every Disney show and movie confirmed

What do all these titles have in common? The children chose each one of them for family home evening, several of them more than once. Many diaries of princess diaries passed over the head of my 3 year old son, but older girls loved it.


The next time we watch Dumbo, we'll need Disney Plus.


A few weeks ago, we all watched Dumbo at the theater – to excite kids' critics – and my daughters are already talking about Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4. The older girl begs me to let her watch Captain Marvel. All four and more will be available to broadcast (without rental fees, four dad's favorite words) exclusively on Disney Plus.

Beyond the movie night, there are many other fun activities for kids. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Duck Tales and Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan are shows that my kids know and love. And I am confident that they will appreciate Monsters at Work and Magic of the Animal Kingdom, two exclusive television series presented at Disney Plus the first year.


The Disney Plus app looks like a one stop shop for the family movie night.


Think about children!

OK, $ 7 a month or $ 70 for an annual subscription is not a drastic change, and these things add up. I do not see myself leaving Netflix or Hulu, for example (although the promise of a discount Disney Plus / Hulu package at a reduced price I'm very interested), and there are only a few subscriptions that I can afford. Fatigue of subscription is strong in this one.

If Disney had rated its service at $ 13 (the same price as Netflix) or even $ 10, it could be a more difficult call. But there is something about $ 7 that I think is right, at least for my budget. Even though this $ 7 subscription only saves me a single $ 5 rent, it's well worth it – in part because Disney Plus offers a host of other things that make that my parent's heart makes me jump.

  • There is unlimited downloadsSo I can pack the iPad with movies and TV shows for long trips by car, camping and air travel.
  • My kids already love (and spend time customizing) avatars and profiles on Netflix and the Disney Now app, so they'll be at home with Disney Plus versions.
  • It's just a matter of time before they're old enough to watch Star Wars and, yes, Marvel, and pay for those, it's really very profitable.
  • The National Geographic product is the perfect solution to switch the TV to the parental screen. It's educational, no? Sayonara, guilt!
  • I can ask them to touch $ 1 each month and teach them the value of money. "Clean or cancel Disney Plus."
screen capture-2019-04-12-at-11-22-34-am

My kids love to personalize profiles in Netflix. I bet they're going to spend a busy day with Disney Plus.

Screenshot of David Katzmaier / Netflix

Seriously, I get this for my kids, you guys

As if all that were not enough, there's the Disney Plus Adult line that helps justify some of that $ 7.

Just a few weeks ago, I was not a fan of Marvel, but in the middle of my Binge-race to watch all Marvel movies before Avengers: Endgamethis is no longer the case. It turns out that a lot of these comics are damn good, and I can even see me wanting to see some of them again. I'm curious about the derived series centered on The hawk and the winter soldier and Scarlet witch and visionand upcoming movies, starting with Captain Marvel and including Endgame, will also find an exclusive home on Disney Plus.

Of course, I also like Star Wars, and until my children are old enough to feed this series with me, I would definitely look The mandalorian. The same goes for the last payment, Star Wars Episode 9: The rise of Skywalker.

Like many parents, the word Disney is for me synonymous with quality family entertainment. One of our best trips was a visit to Disneyland last summer. My dad grew up in Southern California, spent his entire life at Disneyland and loved the classic movies so much that he recorded a lot on Betamax. We sat watching Robin Hood and Fantasia at movie nights of my own childhood family. Today, my children understand my work largely with the help of an iconic short film.

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Walt, you win again. Now, about this reduced package Hulu …

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