Donald Glover meets the Girl Scouts who have become viral with "Redbone".


The creator and star of 'Atlanta & # 39; Donald Glover is not the only one to continue his career with success "Redbone".

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43 thoughts on “Donald Glover meets the Girl Scouts who have become viral with "Redbone".”

  1. Colbert: cmon lets give them out, I'll hold them.

    Two seconds later glover is holding them and giving them out while Colbert stays on the stage alone waving while the rest are giving them out and mingling with the crowd.

    I don't know if Colbert went to hep after the break or whatever but I feel like this represents Colbert and the way I feel about him right now as compared to when he was on the daily show and on the report.

    Feels like he's changed and completely sold out and is now beholden to big corporations and he's THE ESTABLISHMENT now, and of course to be part of it means you have to do your part for it and meet your obligations.. you don't get his exposure and pay check for too long if you piss off your boss/peers/advertisers etc. cable is different game than cbs..

    Love glover, always keep it real bro, always keep searching and learning more about everything as you're doing. This of course includes morality

  2. I hate forced moments, and of course the ending of this interview perturbed me a bit, but I understand what Colbert was aiming for, and I can understand why Glover went along with it, and the spirit behind their cooperation is more valuable to me than the organic nature of the interaction. Rather, it is more organic than selfishness and realism could ever be.

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