The viral debate between Laurel and Yanny is over

The Reddit user who posted the now viral audio clip revealed that he recorded the word "laurel".




  1. First st yanny and then laurel tf with this

  2. If you want to hear YANNY, use speakers with higher frequency(small). If you want LAUREL, use lower frequency speakers. Or simply EQ the sound yourself.

  3. actually when i first heard it , I thought i really heard Yanny then when he revealed that it's Laurel and rewind the video, I can clearly hear Laurel and not Yanny. seriously

  4. First time I heard this, i heard laurel…now all i hear is yanny

  5. I've been hearing Laurel then today the first few times today I heard yanny then switched to laurel

  6. I heard one voice saying yanny with an echo of laurel

  7. I listened several times. I heard both.

  8. She. She recorded it. Not he

  9. I hear most of all Laurel, sometimes Yanny but sometimes Yarel (!) it depends how you focus your attention.

  10. i heard both to, debate it's over but we can dance with them now

  11. It’s weird because on my moms phone I hear both and then on this phone I only hear yanny

  12. the answer is slow down the video by 0.25x

  13. I heard it last night in SNL ( ON THE TV). AND I DID HEARD LAUREL….THEN I PLAYED ON MY PHONE I HEARD yanny WFT!!!!!

  14. I sometimes hear lanney. Lol

  15. It's obvious everyone would hear a different thing if no one said it I think yanny I hear if I think laurel I hear it

  16. Somebody said yanny lmfao

  17. Bruh a heard yanny for a split second

  18. I hear both All I have to do I say Yanny to hear it and If I say Laurel I hear Laurel

  19. When he played it from the website it was the exact same sound and they were all “yeah that says laurel” ?? I’m dead hahahahaha


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  22. Wow I wish I was as easily amused as everyone else to care