41 thoughts on “The viral debate between Laurel and Yanny is over”

  1. Everything your 5 physically-sensed contributors (see, smell, hear, taste, touch) and 2 non-physical contributors (emotion and imagination) are what makes up your reality. Information taken in by your physical senses is converted to electrical impulses and carried to your brain. Your brain then takes some of the information, along with what's already in your mind, and uses this to construct what you perceive as reality. Most of the information taken in by your physical senses isn't used in the making of your reality. Based on what you "FEEL and IMAGINE" is real, your brain will keep some and disregard the rest of the information. By definition this is illusory. This is "reality" and not real.
    Reality is the experience derived from the culmination of processed physically sensed, imagined and emotional information. It exists only in your mind.
    Real exist onto itself whether sensed and processed by us or not.

    Most if not all of you have heard the question "If you're not there when a tree falls, does it make a sound?" The REALITY answer is no. Your ears didn't pick up the air vibrations (sound), convert it to electrical impulses, taken in by your brain and processed when the tree hit the ground so, therefore, it's not part of your reality experience. The REAL answer is yes…more than likely. Provided the physics of the tree, air, ground, and gravity behaved as they usually do, The sound was created. You just didn't experience it. A 40k hertz tone can be played. The tone is real because it exists unto itself independent of whether we sense it or not. However, human beings can't hear it. The tone is real but it's not part of reality.

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