Google's streaming service will offer wide availability, new game features, a controller


On the eve of Google's announcement of the GDC, a new report provides detailed information about the gaming service's expectations. The main focus will be on what new features a "streaming platform" allows, although a controller manufactured by Google is also expected.

according to Kotaku, "Tomorrow's attention" is about the underlying streaming service, with Google leveraging its back-end infrastructure to solve the latency problem. With Project Stream's "technical test," the company described the "challenges" associated with streaming something as intensive as gaming, but not its solutions. I hope Google will explain tomorrow how his problem has been solved.

As with other products, Google is committed to this business because its scale will offer high-end games to hundreds of millions of players who do not have dedicated hardware at a cost of more than $ 250.

In terms of features, tonight's report describes the possibility of watching a live game and jumping straight to that moment after buying the game. In addition to the fact that ads might eventually be purchased, suggests that users will have to buy games rather than get an unlimited pass.

Many of these features are described as requiring the approval of the game developer. Kotaku reports that "Google is funding its own video games".

In terms of availability, the service will run on Windows, Mac, phones and TVs. Both desktop and desktop platforms are not surprising since Project Stream needed only the latest version of Chrome and a 25 Mbps Internet connection.

One source told us in the past that Yeti would work with Android phones, while technical TV support was via Chromecast. Kotaku also has more details about the controller manufactured by Google, which was mentioned for the first time last February by L & # 39; information. It would have "streaming capabilities" that would bring television service, which is consistent with the patents that were discovered earlier this month.

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