Gowdy wipes out Democrats for walking away from bipartisan police negotiations


“Sunday Night in America” ​​host Trey Gowdy berated Senate Democrats for choosing “conflict over compromise” after walked away at the negotiating table during discussions on a bipartite agreement policy review led by Republicans from South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

Bipartite negotiations lasting several months suddenly stopped last week, after Scott’s fellow Democrats signaled they were no longer willing to engage in the discussion, despite reaching some deals on issues such as banning strangles, limiting transfer military equipment to the police and increased funds for mental health programs.

“The murder rate in this country increased last year in historic numbers, and this year isn’t looking much better,” Gowdy told viewers in frustration. “But some on the left have decided that rising violent crime rates and historically high murder rates is the perfect time to fund the police.”


Gowdy, who characterized Scott as someone “who has known the good and the bad of law enforcement in a way that many of us will never know,” credited the senator with launching the Congress effort.

“He remains committed to a justice system worthy of our highest expectations,” Gowdy said. “For most of the past two years, Senator Scott has tried to perfect our justice system. Last summer, he was left alone at the bargaining table by Kamala Harris, who decided his ambition was more important than perfecting our justice system. “

“Now Tim Scott is abandoned again, abandoned,” Gowdy continued. “The media, of course, will blame the Republicans. They are only useful to the DC media when they agree with the Democrats,” he accused. “No criticism for Kamala Harris or other Democrats who walked away. Instead, the media saved this conviction for Tim Scott.”

President Biden last week, blame Republicans for rejecting even “modest reforms.” Failure Congress The effort follows high-profile police killings last year of black people, including George floyd in Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor in Louisville. Biden called Floyd’s murder a “stain on America’s soul” on Wednesday, adding: “We will be remembered for the way we answered the call.”

“I want you to imagine in the calm of your mind, a black Republican from the deep South, his own life informed and educated by interactions with the police, ready to tackle a difficult but essential subject, sitting alone at the negotiating table.” , Gowdy retorted. “There is no political advantage for Tim Scott. Criminal justice reform is not a hot topic on the right. It is not the road to electoral success for Republicans,” he said. He underlines.


“If you accept that funding the police is never the right solution, it is stupid when the nation is in the throes of a wave of violent crime, come back to the table,” Gowdy said. “I promise you will find out that Tim Scott is still here.”

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