Greekgodx Responds to "Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2016"


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49 thoughts on “Greekgodx Responds to "Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2016"”

  1. The cancer talk was interesting. To answer Greeks question because twitch chat was kinda toxic, cancer cells are in everybody from birth. For most, the cells are dormant which means they are not dangerous; but genes and smoking as well as consuming certain food or drink can increase your odds of “waking” the cancer cells. Chemo treatment can cure you, but does so by increasing your future odds of cancer coming back.

  2. I got my cancer with 14 and it took me 6 years and a nice girlfriend to realise what it accualy means to have cancer. Im still fine with it but I already had a downer once because of that ( Because you realise that youll never now when youre going to loose everything having a selfdestruct bomb inside) and as a kid not a single time.
    And yes, everyone can get cancer even if you already had one, almost every living on earth has cells and these can mutate causing cancer.
    Now fuck this depressive shit xDD

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