The Professor reacts: "How is the teacher really?" Viral video .. Should be in nba? Is it wearing?


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30 thoughts on “The Professor reacts: "How is the teacher really?" Viral video .. Should be in nba? Is it wearing?”

  1. Maybe you could have made NBA, or maybe not. Truth is you're pro at what you do now and you chased your dream! Thats something most people don't get to perceive in their life. Keep balling bro ??

  2. Dust bowls here in Indianapolis was outside ball but street ball has change its now I'm going to show you out hit ball off face and carry is norm, but you got skills so I'm not bashing you game is different on street level

  3. Hey Professor, I know I'm a bit late to comment on this, but for future videos like this I would suggest using a shock-absorber of some type on your microphone so that you don't hear the THUD as much each time you hit the table.

  4. Big fan here. Im also 30, i remember when u hit the scene, feels like we met and chilled before thats how much i use to watch and1. Even street hoops.
    Im not on no Stan type stuff,lol but if ever came to texas it would be a dream come true to hoop with u bro. I mean that sincerely, an its cool to me how humble u are bro. Stay up hoop to play bball wit u soon man.
    Oh whatever happen to my boy sauce…

  5. The Professor is better now than he ever was in and1. I like how he says he's in the prime of his career. He's been getting better everyday and people sleep on him. I've had the honor of personally guarding him at a clinic. Trust me, this man is something else!

  6. This was so delusional , you were never close to being at an nba level , regardless of size if you were dominating you would got PT at a juco if you were that good but simply put you weren’t and that’s fine. There are 2 Star highschool prospects that will eat the professor alive . It baffles me that some people think him saying that he won’t be an all star is him being humble lmao

  7. I think you could've made it in the NBA. Everyone talking about you carrying the ball just don't get that in the NBA you just wouldn't do those moves and instead play more of a conventional basketball style. And about your frame and athleticism, it's because you don't train to be built as an NBA player, but let's not forget that you can dunk with ease at 34 an being 5'10, so they're wrong about that as well. Also, great shooter off the dribble, wich is key in this modern era. So, yes, i do think you could've gone pro.

  8. I think The Professor put it best himself. There are other players that are short like Nate Robinson but have more mass to their body and defensively, that would be a liability. At this point in his life, he's capable of making an NBA squad but he would see limited action. That said, a lot of players don't even come close to his skill level.

  9. Yo Proff! Hope you read this.Way back in the And1 days i was watching you on boot leg pirate vcds, not even dvds?, in Malaysia….and then one day you visited us here and at berjaya times square in Kuala Lumpur i met you and had the honour of shaking your hand.Keep rocking the rock Grayson!

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