Hello MPSC Guru | Ep 11 | Scam asks for a marriage proposal MPSC Reference Books | Jivan Aghav

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  1. Ghotale sir vidharbha che aahet ka……???

  2. Kay manun rahile ghotale sir

  3. Ghotalechi smile tar paha….

  4. bhava doing nice job..but I would like to suggest you some things for more traffic on your videos ..
    while speaking on call if you have to show anger add some expression . and ghotale sir you have so many classes so . you should sit properly…after watching more videos I will give more..
    Thanks for making this video

  5. जय भगवान घोटाळे सर ,असेच माईंड फ्रेश विडिओ बनवा , एक नंबर विडिओ होता..???

  6. प्रेम गलीतून hahahaha bc ???

  7. लई वाट बघते राव भेटा जाऊन तिला

  8. hya manglvarchi vdo nahi ?ka?

  9. ???bap re… Sir char oli tumchyasathi….
    Hot nahis tu pas mhanun ti sodun Geli…
    Tichya aathvanit abhyasachi link modun Geli…
    Roj tiche June msg parat parat vachto….
    Kharach mitra mana pasun mi M.P.S.C. karto….

  10. sir mulini kharach dokha dila kya ki bus…….

  11. Tithe aankhi changlya jaga aahet