Hepatitis C Virus Life Cycle

Video presents Saturday, October 10th at the 22th International Symposium On Hepatitis C Viruses and Related Viruses.
For the occasion, the iCAP service produced a 3D video on the replication cycle of the hepatitis C virus.
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  2. this video helped me a lot to understand. Nice and clear animation for the lifecycle. Awesome.

  3. perfect educational material..

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  5. Really great video!
    Wonderful graphics and wonderful explanation!

  6. Thanks, already; It's very useful
    I hope the more about virus C

  7. Could you please give a brief summary of how these videos are made? Specifically the tools used (software)?

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  11. Which music is used in this video ?

  12. This is indeed a very detailed and well-done video about the whole process of HCV proliferation, thanks you! really helpful to medical students!

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  14. very helpful animation in learning HCV

  15. Absolutely Brilliant

    Would Fab to have a similar explanation on:
    – On the life of the virus (without the ability of budding)
    – how new drugs kill replication and how long the new components of the drugs are able to stay alive to continuing killing the replication
    – how long virus can live (dormant in hibernation) without replication, is able to live

    Thank you so much, quel fantastic travail!

  16. This is the best explanation of the HCV lifecycle I have ever seen. Awesome. A big thank you to the people who made it!

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